Designing your closet with our designers

Closets that you’ll want people to see. Design your closets with one of our designers, featuring a wide variety of finishes, options in security, and different organizational ideas for every requirement, or even add a safe for all your important belongings. Visit our showrooms, and our designers will help you create a closet you will be happy with. Explore our world of closets.

Water-resistant & termite-proof

Durability and safety are most important when selecting your closet. All our closets are water and termite-proof, ensuring that every closet you build is for the long run. Ask us about the warranties on our closets.

High-end Hardware

We source only the best quality accessories to go with your closets, so you can rest assured that every element of your wardrobe is of the best quality. 

Smart security

Choose from a plethora of options when it comes to security, whether it is for your closet doors or drawers inside. 

Smart locks

Choose your desired way to lock your belongings. Whether fingerprints or keypads, we can add your choice of smart lock on drawers and closet doors.

Safe boxes

Closets hold some of your most valuable items, now, you can add fire-rated safe boxes or drawers to your closet.

Matching your closet with your door finish

Create a uniform look in your bedrooms with matching doors to your closet finishes.

Optimizing space

Make the most of the spaces in your bedrooms through our various closet modifications, whether adding a hidden seat to your wardrobe or different organizational systems. Create a closet that suits your lifestyle and also makes the most of the space that you have.

Consistent look & feel

When you are looking to create the right space for you, it is essential that your closet is consistent with the look and feel that you want. Customize your space the way you want, and enjoy the experience of mixing and matching finishes to create your dream closet.

Create your World of Narnia!

Like the fable Narnia, where a closet door opens into a different world, you too can mix and match finishes to create unique closets that tell their own stories. Ask us how you can mix and match finishes to create a closet space that suits your personality.

Create spaces customized around you and your needs

With our wide variety of features, you can create a wardrobe that is custom-made to you and your requirements, whether it is utilizing the corners of your room with our double door corner closets, or adding a storage areas all around the top of the closet. You also have the feature of adding a bench or an island in the middle of your closet. Adding lights and a dresser with or without a mirror, we have a solution for every requirement. Ask our designers, and they will help you optimize your space to its maximum potential.

Glass finishes

Choose the kind of glass you want for your closet, whether it is brown-tinted, grey-tinted, frosted, or clear. Frosted glass doors go best for shelved cabinets, whereas tinted glass doors are best for hung wardrobes. Clear glass doors go best for spaces used to store things you are proud of, like your shoe or purse.

Clear glass

Grey-tinted glass

Frosted glass

Brown-tinted glass

Soft closing

No matter how you close our doors and drawers, our auto soft closer ensures that they close softly, slowly, and securely.

Soft closing drawers

Our auto soft closing technology ensures that your drawers close softly, keeping everything inside the drawer safe and secure.

Soft closing sliding doors

Avoid any accidentally damaging your sliding doors through our auto soft closers.

How do you close your doors?

With our closets, you are spoiled for choices. Select the way you wish your doors to close. Whether you want your doors to close slowly as you leave or quickly, choose what suits you the most.

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Get in touch with our expert designers, and they will be happy to discuss with you which solution best fits your space.

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