Are there showrooms for Faham Doors in all UAE?

Faham Doors has three mega showrooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al-Ain city.

What are the working hours for Faham Doors showrooms?

Everyday from 10 AM till 9 PM.

How can we contact with Faham Doors teams?

You can reach Faham Doors teams by calling 80036677 and message us on WhatsApp on the same number in addition to our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube etc.)

What are the materials used for the doors production?

All our doors are locally manufactured in Jabal Ali-UAE of WPC and wood polymer composite, what gives the feature of 100% water and termite proof.

How many color finishes are available in Faham Doors?

Faham Doors has +30 finishes can be applied of any design.

Can we do customization for the doors?

Faham Doors has +60 door designs that can be customized to the dimensions.

What is the warranty given on Doors and Wardrobe?

Lifetime warranty against water and termite.

What is the time needed for Installation upon the last payment?

Doors installation are related to the site readiness it may take up to 45 working days for installation after the last payment date.

What is the time needed to install all doors in one project?

Faham Doors has exclusivity in installing all doors for a project in One day only.

Is the door installation being free of charge?


What is the time duration for installing the wardrobes after the final payment?

Wardrobes installation period up to 45 working days.

Are there any discounts in Faham Doors?

Faham Doors has discount upon the quantity of the doors in addition to a special discount on wardrobes if we have doors contract.

What are the door thicknesses?

Faham Doors has two thicknesses 4cm and 6cm.

Do you have varieties in Accessories?

Yes, we have plenty of varieties for accessories with different colors silver, gold and black.

What is the warranty on accessories?

All accessories under warranty that may reach for 5 years.

What are the features in Faham Doors accessories?

All our accessories are PVD plated that prevent it from rust.

What are the features in Faham Doors accessories?

All our accessories are PVD plated that prevent it from rust.

Are the doors under sound proofing system?

All doors are fulfilled with PU foam sound isolation with an additional rubber all over the door frame in addition to offering an overlap system solution.

Are our doors easy to be cleaned?

All doors can be cleaned by water and nonchemical materials.

Is there maintenance service in Faham Doors?

24/7 professional maintenance teams all over UAE and it applicable for doors and wardrobes.

What is the charge of the maintenance service?

Faham Doors maintenance service is free of charge.

Do you offer site measurement service?

Free of charge service for site measurements by professional engineers.

Are the prices for doors and closets are same in all showrooms/cities?

All Faham Doors showrooms have fixed prices for all products.

Do you have the service of changing old doors by new doors?

Faham doors have the service of change your old doors by new doors under the condition that old door removal under the responsibility of the customer.

Do you have payment installments?

No, we don’t have installment options currently.

What are the payments terms and conditions?

50% advance 50% after the site readiness and final measurements.

Do you have aluminum service doors?

Yes, we are offering aluminum service doors under specific designs and colors.

Can we change the door color after signing the contract?

You can change the color of the doors after signing the contract but under subjected charges.

Are our doors fire-rated?

No, doors are not fire-rated.