Linea by Faham Doors
Design Features

Flat & Flush
Wall cladding up to 4 meters around the door
Can be extended to the ceiling
Aluminum Frame & Profile
Silent Lock
Hidden Hinges
Soft & quiet closing
Water & termite-proof

Linea by Faham Doors Catalog

Linea Flush
Where Function Meets Elegance

Introducing our line of flushed single doors, meticulously crafted for the modern homeowner. These doors boast a sleek and seamless finish, perfect for effortlessly merging with any house decor. But they’re not just about looks. Engineered for durability, each door is water and termite-proof, ensuring a lasting addition to your home. Dive into a blend of robust protection and contemporary elegance with our premium doors.

Linea Vertical
Upgrade your living space today!

Looking for a Door That’s More Than Just an Entryway?
Discover Our Ceiling-High Concealed Doors.

Introducing our concealed doors that can reach up to the ceiling, perfectly blending into your decor. Choose from diverse finishes and enjoy unique door features like aluminum frame, soft-closing hinges, silent lock and many more. A seamless merge of design and functionality.

Linea M
A Door Like No Other!

Elevate your space with our innovative hidden door, boasting a distinctive modular appearance accentuated with sleek metal strips. Perfect for both offices and home interiors, its seamless design allows for an optional no-knob feature, ensuring a truly hidden, minimalist appeal. Dare to redefine boundaries with the Linea M.

Linea Wall
A door that blends right into your wall.

With matching wall cladding, this door becomes hidden, looking just like the rest of the wall. You can even put the cladding on the whole wall for a smooth, unified look. Simple, neat, and stylish!